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Estill Voice Training

Estill Voice Training is based on 25 years of scientific research by the late Jo Estill. Jo's years of research led to The Estill Model which identifies different structures in the larynx which can be isolated and controlled independently using simple everyday play sounds. Studying and gaining control of these structures replaces mystery with knowledge (based on scientific research) and gives the performer amazing control over their instrument. As a consequence, performance anxiety is reduced. Knowledge is power!

Ann's Estill journey began in 2001 when she attended her first Complete 5 Day Course at The Royal Academy of Music in London with Anne-Marie Speed, Paul Farrington and Kiereen Lock, all Vanguard licensees of the Estill model founded by Jo Estill in 1988.

Ann has subsequently attended many other Estill courses over the years and completed her Certified Master Teacher training with Anne-Marie Speed in 2013. She continues to study with Anne-Marie in order to remain at the cutting edge of developments in voice.